Address: Viale Giulio Cesare, Corfinio

Hours: Currently closed due to the serious damage caused by the earthquake of 2009


The church most definitley has more ancient origins than can be assumed from the formal characteristics of the present building.   Despite considerable alterations, we can see signnificant stylistic and architectural discrepancies especially in the external walls, such as the wide, pointed entranceway that contrasts sharply with the clearly Renaissance decoration. The portal is dated 1540.


The facade of the church, with simple stone masonry, is framed laterally by stone corner pilasters. At the top is a cornice which continues briefly, slightly set back from the front, up to a small central oculus and a sloping roof. The 16th-century portal is stone with carved and moulded jambs which are adorned with egg motifs. On the lintel, together with the date of construction (1540) is a crowned Berardinian crest and festoons interspersed with cherubs and vases of flowers. Above and in line with the door is a simple rectangular window. At the rear there is a small bell tower with a quadrangular base and no cusp.


The interior, with a nave, an apse and a main altar, is covered by a barrel vault with lunettes. In the apse is the painting of the Madonna del Soccorso, from the early 20th century which was restored in the 1960’s.