Address: Via San Martino, Corfinio

Hours: Currently closed due ot the damage cuased by the earthquake of 2009


The postioning of the church, with the front facing towards the village and the apse and the sacristy facing onto the square, is rather unusual. The façade still retains its late Romanesque portal of 1489, with decorative details relating to the schools of Valva Casauria.   
In the moulding of the two pillars and the profile of the semicircular raised archivolt, the ornamental patterns appear different. On one side there are ribbons shaped like arches and, on the other straight palms, which were also used in the parapets of the churches of San Clemente a Casauria and at San Pelino in Corfinio.
On the entablature is a carved cross in palm leaves alternating with four star-shaped flowers.  
Inside the church you can admire the statue of the Madonna and Child from the 15th century and the 16th century baptismal font.

Historical Notes

Built in the centre of the village on top of an ancient Roman theatre, the church of San Martino is mentioned in documents from the 14th century, although its foundations probably go back to an earlier period. Because of the damage caused by the earthquake of 1456 it was reconstructed in the second half of the following century and then re-consecrated in 1489, as shown by the inscription on the portal.